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Amma Rajasekhar’s Wife Sensational Comments on Divi Vadthya

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Divi Vadthya became a popular star among the Telugu audience during her stint in Bigg Boss Telugu 4. One cannot deny the fact that Divi is a very straight forward person and she was supposed to be in top five finalists of the seasons but her sudden eviction came as a huge shock to her fans and followers.

The main reason behind Divi elimination seems to be sharing a special bond with Amma Rajasekhar. Divi got emotional when Amma Rajasekhar half-shaved head and she suggested Amma Rajasekhar to tell host Nagarjuna that he can’t do.

But, Amma Rajasekhar didn’t pay heed to her and they didn’t talk to each other for a while. When Samantha announced, Divi eliminated, Amma Rajasekhar faces changed but they haven’t spoken much. In a recent nomination process, it was clearly seen that Amma Rajasekhar seems to be upset with Divi elimination.

Ever since Divi stepped out of the house, reports are doing the rounds that the ultimate reason for Divi’s elimination is sharing a special rapport with Amma Rajasekhar. The rumours reached to Amma Rajasekhar wife and she reacted to the news by stating that “ Divi and Amma Rajasekhar shares a genuine rapport and they don’t have a different kind of feelings.

Its common to spread the rumours if male and female becomes close.  They are not talking anything secretly and it is clearly visible to me and the audience. He is very sensitive and he always be in his own limits. I’m sure, he never crosses his limits. I don’t have any doubts on Amma Rajasekhar or Divi, I’m happy with their special bond. I urged everyone not to spread about rumours about my husband”.

Amma Rajasekhar has been nominated for this week eviction. Probably, he may survive for another few weeks but can’t guarantee about it. It totally depends upon show organisers and audience hands to decide his fate to stay in the house or not.

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