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Amma Rajasekhar Helping Abhijeet To Reach Bigg Boss Finals With His Idiotic Revenge Plan

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Looks like Bigg Boss Telugu will soon becoming a madhouse. After Amma Rajasekhar became captain of the house, all the housemates turned up against each other for assigning the duties as well putting more restrictions in the house. This lead to a huge showdown between Master and Abhijeet, where both lost their cool and went on to blame each other for their actions.

For those who joined new to the story, Abhijeet has become an audience favorite ever since he stepped into the show. Though, he made a grand debut with the movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’ but the film ended as a decent hit at the box office. There’s no denying the fact, Abhijeet is enjoying a huge female fan following after he entered into Bigg Boss for his killer smile.

abhijeeth mastermind

In fact, Abhijeet fans are rooting for him on social media. The one which caught our attention, one of the user commented that Abhijeet has become an apple of the eye which could also be the apple of the show. Some of the show buffs are thanking Amma Rajasekhar for him popular in the show with each passing day.

Abhijeet fans are thanking Amma Rajasekhar for making them more stronger. Abhijeet was seen being cordial to all the housemates. Thus, leading him to win hearts and effortlessly be in the competition. If this continues Abhijeet will undoubtedly reach the finals with huge fans support.

According to the reliable sources, Abhijeet and Harika who have been nominated for this week’s evictions are seem to be in safe zone. In other words, they also escaped eviction from this week. Monal, Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar are in danger zone at the moment. Let’s wait and watch who will bid goodbye to the audience this Sunday.

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