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Akhil’s Mother Insults Monal By Praising Harika In Bigg Boss

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants Akhil-Monal’s have a special connection with other each. They often confessed feelings to each other but they never officially confirmed anything to the audience. Last night, Monal gave a small peck on his cheek and it went viral on all social media platforms. Netizens are trolling Monal left, right and centre on social media. 

Bigg Boss organizers have planned an emotional episode for the audience. They have arranged a special meeting between contestants and family members. Akhil, Avinash, Abhijeet, and Harika’s mother will be meeting their parents in tonight’s episode.

In one of the promo, Akhil’s mother is seen saying to Harika’s ‘ I don’t have a daughter, I wish I could have a daughter like you’. The buzz on social media suggests that Akhil’s mother indirectly insulted Monal Gajjar by praising Harika. Many speculations are doing the rounds that Akhil parents are not happy with his son’s relationship with Monal.

They also said to leading channel that they want a pure Telangana dialect girl. Akhil’s mother might have upset with Monal’s behavior in the house. We don’t know why she said but we will get to know in tonight’s episode. 

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