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Akhil Shocking Comments on Mehaboob, Sohel After Stepping Out From Bigg Boss

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Akhil Sarthak has been hitting the headlines ever since he stepped out of the show. Some of them are making funny memes on Akhil that he couldn’t utilise the chance of taking Rs 25 lakhs during final round of elimination. Abhijeet won the game and Akhil ended as a runner-up. Recently, he revealed a few interesting facts about his journey in the show during Instagram live to his fans. He stated that “ I feel so proud for being part of Bigg Boss. He thanked all his fans who have supported him. A countless of fans came to see him that’s really the biggest thing in my life. Everyone was asking for a selfie and it was really a pride moment for me. He further added that ‘ I thought, I would get evicted in the first week itself because I didn’t get support from housemates.

Akhil made some shocking comments that my dearest friends were also didn’t supported me that’s really a painful thing and I’m unable to get over it.But, Monal supported me until I walked out of the house, and really she is a sweetheart. There’s are no special feelings between us, we are just close friends and we will continue it for life long. I felt so sad about losing the trophy because I gave 100 percent in every task but failed to accomplish my dream. Looks like Akhil might be making indirect comments on Bigg Boss contestants Mehboob and Sohel.

Mehboob’s video is getting widely circulated on social media where he is giving hints to Abhijeet and Sohel about their position. But, Mehboob hasn’t said anything to Akhil Sarthak that’s why he is saying my close friends didn’t support me and they betrayed my trust. We really don’t know whether Akhil really made comments on Mehboob or Sohel but it has become a hot topic on social media.

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