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Akhil Saves Abhijeet From Monal, Details Inside

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The most popular contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu who often be in the news are Abhijeet, Akhil and Monal. They have earned a decent fan following during their stint in the house. Speculations are doing the rounds that Monal Gajjar always diverts the contestants from the game especially Abhijeet or Akhil.

Since the last few days, Monal is started to talking with Abhijeet as he became her mother’s favourite contestant, then she should definitely share a good rapport with him. Last night, Akhil is seeing telling to Monal that Why didn’t Abhijeet told to Harika that he doesn’t want you to get nominated. Akhil is clearly jealous of Abhijeet as the latter got saved from elimination and he is influencing Monal to hate him.

Monal has been traveling in the house for more than seventy days and she definitely knows the characters of the contestants. They all are hating, fighting, and loving because it’s just part of the game. Akhil is thinking so much as the show is for lifelong to him. Some of the netizens suggesting to Abhijeet fans to thank Akhil for intervening between Abhijeet and Monal. If Monal gets closer with Abhijeet then Abhijeet might not focus on the game, so in this way Akhil is saving Abhijeet from Monal and indirectly helping him to focus on game.

Abhijeet fans are saying that we don’t mind if Monal ignores Abhijeet as their demigod can fully focus on the game. Monal always distracted the contestants from the game. Abhijeet fans would feel happy if Akhil feels insecure about Monal.

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