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Akhil Repeating Sreemukhi’s Mistake and Making Abhijeet Bigg Boss Winner

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: We needn’t mention Abhijeet and Akhil popularity in telugu states, all thanks to their bitter fights in the house. Both the contestants enjoy decent fan following but Abhijeet is extremely popular amongst the audience. Looks like the makers are mainly focusing on Abhijeet-Akhil since the beginning of the show. Reports are doing the rounds that Nagarjuna will announce Abhijeet as a winner and Akhil as a runner for a while. 

Akhil is keeping on fighting with Abhijeet ever since he came from a secret room. On Sunday, Akhil insulted Abhijeet that you lost your mind that’s why everyone are looking to you as a fake. Last night, during the nomination process, Akhil again raised the topic that he didn’t like the way Abhijeet talked his behind back. Abhijeet went on said that everyone in the house know about you are dramas and you knew very well about the secret room. He further continued that you don’t have right to suggest me anything which led to a verbal spat. 

Netizens are highly trolling Akhil for nominating Abhijeet without valid reason and appreciation Abhijeet for his befitting reply to him. The verbal spat of Abhijeet and Akhil made few of the netizens to recall last seasons episode. 
If you may recall, Sreemukhi did her best to make Rahul Sipligunj by cornering and targeting him.

Now, Akhil is also doing the same to Abhijeet by targeting him and making him popular than other contestants. Abhijeet seems like to be one-man army in the house. Akhil degrading Abhijeet’s image has becoming plus point him and Akhil is indirectly helping Abhijeet to emerge as the winner of the season.

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