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Watch: Akhil-Monal’s Kiss Video Goes Viral

by Bellamkonda

Looks like Bigg Boss has assigned a task to the housemates called ‘Commander Training’, all of them are saying seen doing all military exercise. Probably, it could be Bigg Boss’ plan to teach them discipline or to know the value of hard work. Abhijeet, Akhil and Harika have performed well in their tasks and they are captaincy contenders for this week.  Yesterday, it was Akhil’s birthday, Bigg Boss gave a sudden surprise to him and he was celebrated with his housemates.

Everyone expected that Akhil will put the first piece to Monal but he eat himself without putting it to anyone.  While the episode getting concludes, the Audience got to see Monal is seeing kissing Akhil, and Akhil is seen very happy with Monal kissing him and said that it would have been better if he daily celebrates birthday. Netizens who are irritated with Monal behavior since day one trolling her badly on social media. They are demanding her to eliminate as she can’t doing anything in the house except romance. She may not get evicted as she is favorite contestant of Bigg Boss and Nagarjuna. We shouldn’t be stun if Monal make into top five as she is the only glamour queen of the show, according to the makers opinion.

It is worth mentioning that there will be an emotional episode planned tonight for us. Abhijeet, Akhil, Harika and Avinash all these contestants mother visiting them is seen in promo. On the other hand, Monal family members are on their way to Annapurna studio. The other contestants will get to meet their family members in Thursday. We all could get a chance to meet Lasya’s munchkin ‘Junnu’. Let’s wait and watch what’s in store for us.

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