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Akhil Falls In Bigg Boss Trap, Breaks Abhijeet Heart

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Abhijeet is one of the strong contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 with huge fan base on social media. Abhijeet fans no started trolling Akhil as brainless for his actions against Abhijeet. In yesterday’s episode Bigg Boss sent Akhil into secret room in the name of elimination and he is given added advantage to monitor the game play of all the housemates from the secret room.

But Akhil is seen misusing it, instead of becoming stronger by observing the performance of all housemates and developing a clear strategy for his victory in the show, Akhil is using it for other purposes. Akhil is already badly trolled by a section of netizens for nominating Abhijeet in Bigg Boss week 10 nomination process with a silly reason, now he even make use of this secret room advantage to take grudge on Abhijeet.

Bigg Boss had given an opportunity to all the remaining 8 housemates where they can read the letters which were sent from their housemates, and there is a condition that Akhil has to send the letters to them and here Akhil sent letters to all housemates except Abhijeet and he teared the Abhijeet’s letter into small pieces and sent those pieces to him. All the housemates were overjoyed looking at the letters from their home but Abhijeet was upset to see the letter from his house which was teared into small pieces. So with this brainless action Akhil breaks Abhijeet heart.

This action of Akhil made Abhijeet fans angry at him and they started trolling him as Pyscho and questioned his action that he doesn’t have any respect for Abhijeet parents’ who wrote that letter to him with so much of love. So with this action he had lost audience support and this might be the trap of Bigg Boss which Akhil failed to understand and if he continues his behavior he may soon get eliminated from the show.  Akhil falls in Bigg Boss trap completly and started misunderstanding Abhijeet who is raising a point that Akhil should not have give up for elimination.

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