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Akhil Eliminated From Bigg Boss Today, Monal Breaks Down Into Tears

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss housemates assembled in the garden area by packing their suitcases with their belongings in today’s Bigg Boss episode. Bigg Boss explains the housemates over the need to take right decisions in the Bigg Boss house which will help them to emerge as the title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Bigg Boss orders all the nine housemates to unanimously select one strong contestant who them want to eliminate from the show. Mukku Avinash cleverly understands the trap of Bigg Boss and explains the housemates we need to accept the fact that the contestant is strong and then they have to eliminate the particular contestant.

Bigg Boss trap is that if all the housemates select one particular contestant as strong contestant then they may loose audience votes and that contestant will gain popularity in the public and may gain more votes which will help him in winning the title trophy of Bigg Boss Telugu 4.

Dethadi Harika said “we cannot do anything against Bigg Boss rules and at the same time we cannot accept that somebody else is stronger than us in the Bigg Boss house”. Meanwhile Abhijeet says that he feels that he is not affected by any other contestants. Mehaboob advises all housemates to individually select one strong contestant.

Strong Contestants Selected By All Housemates
Sohail- Mehaboob
Ariyana – Akhil
Mehaboob- Ariyana
Lasya – No One
Akhil -Akhil
Monal- Akhil
Dethadi Harika- No One
Mukku Avinash – Ariyana
Abhijeet – Abhijeet

Following this Bigg Boss eliminated Akhil and Monal Gajjar breaks down into tears as she has also chosen Akhil as the strong contestant, and indirectly become the reason behind Akhil elimination.

But Akhil elimination is fake and he is sent into secret room, from where he can observe the activities of all housemates. Akhil even thanked Bigg Boss for this opportunity and said that he can know the true colors of people from secret room.

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