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Watch: Akhil Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Today, Breaks Down Into Tears

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In a shocking news to all the Akhil fans who supported him in Bigg Boss telugu 4, Nagarjuna announced Akhil elimination and asked him to pack his big and come on to the stage. Akhil breaks down into tears after listening to it but Nagarjuna was seen angry on Akhil and shouted on him to pack his bag and meet him on the stage.

In a conversation with Akhil before announcing his elimination, Nagarjuna questioned Akhil how he could simple accept for elimination after being selected as the strongest contestant by all housemates, for which Akhil recklessly replied saying that he had a strategy and he knows that he won’t be eliminated as Bigg Boss will save strong contestants as Bigg Boss will not continue the game with weaker contestants.

Nagarjuna irked with Akhil’s reply and said that “your calculations went wrong Akhil”. Immediately after listening elimination announcement from Nagarjuna Akhil breaks down emotionally.

All the housemates requested Bigg Boss to save Akhil from Elimination. While leaving the house Bigg Boss asked him two choose two best friends for which Akhil chooses Sohel and Monal as best friends.

Akhil chooses Abhijeet and Lasya as the enemies and exposed their true colors.

A few of the netizens are happy with the elimination of Akhil, while few others trolling Bigg Boss show saying that it is a fake promo and they will save Akhil. Bigg Boss 4 audience expecting that this promo is exactly fake like Suma wild card entry, but we have to wait and watch what will happen in today’s episode. 

Yes what audience guess is right, Bigg Boss had saved Akhil from elimination at the last moment. All the housemates were overjoyed with Bigg Boss decision of saving him.

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