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Akhil Defeats Abhijeet In Title Race Enters BB4 Grand Finale, Due To Nagarjuna

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is running as a god mix of unexpected twists and turns, right from the beginning of the show Bigg Boss show makers started taking decisions which are beyond the expectations of the audience. Bigg Boss audience were eagerly waiting to know the list of top 5 contestants who will be reaching the final race for the title trophy.

Meanwhile Abhijeet, Harika, Sohel and Akhil are qualified for the second level to ticket to the final race and Avinash, Ariyana and Monal lost the game.In yesterday all the contestants were trying their level best by putting all their efforts to reach the next level in ticket to finale, but Avinash, Ariyana and Monal lost the game. Now buzz is that Abhijeet and Harika lost the game in the next level which is a flower task where they have to collect the flowers thrown from the rooftop of Bigg Boss set.

Abhijeet and Harika played the game individually and lost it as Akhil and Sohel played the game with mutual understanding.So either Akhil or Sohel will be the first contestants to reach the grand finale after the third level task which is a “Tatoo task”.  So it’s not ABhijeet who is reaching the finals first but it is either AKhil or Sohel to directly reach finals by escaping from next week’s elimination. 

Netizens started trolling Nagarjuna for decreasing the self confidence levels of Abhijeet and Harika by personally targeting them which now helped AKhil and Sohel.

There is also buzz that Akhil won in the third level of ticket to finale race and reached to finale. But he can get the benefit of ticket to finale only if he escapes from elimination this week.

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