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Akhil Break Up Story With Top Heroine: Gangavva Reveals About Akhil’s 4 Years Love and Painful Break Up Story

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: It wouldn’t be wrong, if we say so, Gangavva created history by participating in the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 for his age. Telugu audience were loved to see her and many of them thought, she would walk out with the winner title. Sadly, she left the house due to health issues.

Ever since Gangavva stepped out of the house. She is giving back to back interviews to various portals. She stated to a leading tabloid that “ I like Akhil very much. He is a very kind-hearted person.

Whenever I was fell sick, he used to sit with me, said Gangavva. He used to ask me, whether I had food or not. He treated me like his grandmother as he doesn’t have anyone it seems. Akhil gets upset in Monal matter, he is completely focused on her.

If Abhijeet comes to talk with Monal, Akhil will give privacy to them. Akhil really doesn’t like Abhijeet talking to Monal. Recently, Akhil avoids Monal for some time because all the eliminated contestants were advising him to concentrate on the game.

But, recently, Monal was down with fever then on Akhil is started talking with her. That’s not all she revealed one of the interesting facts about him. Akhil had the worst breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

Akhil shared his previous love story with Gangavva. She said that Akhil loved one heroine for four years and they even thought to get married and settled into life. But thing didn’t workout between and they called it off. Akhil’s ex-girlfriend scolded him by comparing him with dog by saying that “ This dog will never change and always stared at me”.

Akhil was upset with her words then on they have parted their ways. Gangavva is believed to have said that Akhil is planning to continue the love story with Monal even after the show and he is also looking forward to marry her it seems”.

It remains to be seen whether Akhil will marry Monal or will this love story fades away after the show. Akhil and Monal are nominated for this week’s evictions. Probably, they won’t get eliminated as they are getting more screen space then compared to other contestants.

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