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Actor Sameer Comments on Amma Rajasekhar

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss Telugu: Director Amma Rajasekhar is one of the popular directors in the entertainment industry. As you all might aware, he is one of the strong contestants in the current season of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 which is being hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna. During the initial stages of the show, Amma Rajasekhar shared a good rapport with everyone but few inmates are hating him as he always makes fun of others.

The latest news we have for our viewers is actor Sameer made some sensational comments on Amma Rajasekhar. In one of his interviews, he stated that “ I have been in the industry for more than a decade. I won’t really bother for money. He shared one of the incidents that Amma Rajasekhar has insulted him. He further added that One fine day, Amma Rajasekhar spoke very harshly to me. I really didn’t like it and I still remember those days.

He said that Amma Rajasekhar made sudden a phone call and asked me to join the shoot. I told him, I can’t come as I’m busy with another shoot. Amma Rajasekhar told me You are not coming because I didn’t pay you advance? You are so unprofessional? If you be like this you can’t grow in your career.

I was hurt with his words because we both shared a great bond and listening to those words from him really disturbed me a lot.  I was walked out from the project. He hasn’t paid my amount and I never asked him after that incident. But,personally, I never demand any filmmakers for the amount”.

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