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Abhijeet’s Mother Names Villains In Bigg Boss Telugu 4

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestant Abhijeet never miss the headlines ever since he stepped into the show. Last night, Abhijeet broke into tears when Bigg Boss told him to take Monal for a date. Abhijeet is one of the mature person in the house. It is for the first time, he cried for being on the show. Abhijeet fans are sharing their thoughts we are with you Abhijeet Be strong. After Abhijeet’s mother also became popular ever since she visited the show.

Abhijeet’s mother latest interview video went viral on social media platforms. She stated to news portals that ‘ Abhijeet tried a lot for six-packs abs. We used to encourage him, there were a few incidents where we had food without salt and oil for six months. When she was asked to tell about his game in the house. She told, Abhijeet is really playing the game well.

Abhijeet mother said that she was scared when Abhijeet was lashed at Ariyana after Akhil came from the secret room. I thought, the audience will get the wrong impression and I waited so long to see but Abhijeet did the right thing.

“I feel Amma Rajasekhar and Akhil are villains in the house because they one thing similar they never allow other people to say and they will never listen to other people version of their reasons”, said Abhijeet mother. They just raise their voice which is really a bad thing, if their voice doesn’t mean they are strong. People always should stay low it helps them to grow in their careers.

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