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Watch: Abhijeet Strong Warning To Harika | Netizens Troll Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 is one of the most popular reality shows in Telugu. Bigg Boss had entered into 8th week from Monday, and this reality show is running as a good mix of unexpected twists and turns in terms of nominations, eliminations and fights among the contestants.

In a latest promo released by Star Maa it was highlighted that there is a heated argument between Abhijeet and Harika, Abhijeet lashes out at Harika for her improper behavior in this week’s Luxury Budget task. Abhijeet points to the mistake of Harika who played a foul game in Tuesday’s episode. Even Harika was seen arguing with Abhijeet. But Still Abhijeet didn’t give up his argument and Harika was upset over this and walked out of the place.

In Yesterday’s episode Monal was seen trying to maintain a healthy relationship with Abhijeet and made an attempt to solve her differences with him. For which Abhijeet didn’t  respond positively. Meanwhile Abhijeet and Harika were seen moving closely in The Bigg Boss house for the past few weeks and now they both had a heated argument over the luxury budget task. Even Netizens troll Monal for going back to Abhijeet and speaking with him even though he is not interested in speaking with her.

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