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Abhijeet Still Loves Monal, Supports Monal Insults Akhil

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: One cannot deny the fact that Abhijeet is one of the promising contestants of this season Fans have been rooting for him ever since he stepped into the show. It is definitely not an easy task for any person to stay in a house where everyone hates you. Abhijeet has been nominated more than five times. Abhijeet used to have a special connection with Monal Gajjar during the initial stages of the show.

But, Abhijeet maintaining distance from her as she also has feelings towards Akhil. Monal doesn’t have any clarity about whom she is loving. Abhijeet got irritated with Monal’s confusion and decided to give space between Monal and Akhil. Looks like Abhijeet still loves Monal.  In a recent episode, Bigg Boss has surprised the contestants by filling the colors in the hats.

 Those who picked the hats which is filled with red color are nominated for this week and the contestants who picked the hats filled with green colors are sort of saved from this week’s elimination. But, Bigg Boss has given a chance to nominate contestants to get save themselves by swapping with Monal Gajjar or Sohel. Sadly, she wasn’t ready to get nominated and she is seen arguing with Ariyana, Akhil and Avinash.

When Abhijeet turns comes to swap with Monal, he is seen telling to her ‘ I can’t ask you to swap, he became emotional by using Mother sentiment. He has indirectly expressed his love towards Monal, and insulted Akhil who went to extreme levels and forced Monal to swap with him for nominations.

He also shared the Saturday episode where Monal’s mother said Abhijeet is her favorite contestant of this season. Abhijeet didn’t fight with her but give an explanation about her character and he kind of requested her to get clarity before making friends with anyone. Abhijeet might have hurt with Akhill’s words that’s why he might have motivated her with his speech. Probably, Abhijeet might still have feelings towards Monal.

Even in the latest released promo on star maa, Abhijeet is seen having a personal talk with Monal in which he was saying that he is shocked to know that his father likes her.

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