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Abhijeet Shocking Comments About His Relationship With Monal Gajjar

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has become the favorite show to a few of the show lovers. Thanks to contestants who are making the audience to glued to their TV sets.

Abhijeet and Monal Gajjar are the strong contestants and they always are in the headlines for various reasons. As you all might aware, Abhijeet is believed to have attracted to Monal during the initial stages of the show. But, he never expressed his feelings directly to her but his actions are enough, how much Abhijeet loves Monal.

Everything was going fine between Monal and Abhijeet, unfortunately, Monal developed her feelings even towards Akhil. Akhil and Abhijeet became enemies to each other as they both are loving her. They used to get jealous whenever Monal talks to either any of them.

In a recent episode, Abhijeet made some sensational comments on Monal Gajjar. Noel Sean while chopping the vegetables, he raised the Monal topic and said that No one is talking with Monal it seems and the inmates are totally ignoring her and they are not giving chance for her to hug them. I feel she is a bit upset of not talking with Lasya.

Noel said Monal is even not talking to me. Abhijeet’s immediate reply was, Don’t worry if people don’t talk to her, whatever has happened is our good. We came here to play the game. Let’s focus on it, instead of worrying about others. I don’t want to talk or be close to her anymore as I understood very much about her. I’m very much happy the way I’m if not my life would be miserable. Abhijeet’s words will clearly show, how angry he is having on Monal Gajjar.

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