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Abijeet Responds Over Sohel – Mehaboob Scam, Netizens Praises Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Actor Abhijeet is man of the hour and he is busy in giving interviews to various news channels. Several Abhijeet fans are eagerly waiting to take a selfie with him. Reports are doing the rounds that Abhijeet is all set to start a success tour in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to thank his fans as they are the main reason for his Bigg Boss victory. As you all might aware, there was a reunion in Bigg Boss house before the grand finale of the show. During the time, Mehboob is believed to have given hint about Sohel’s position outside of the house and that video went viral on all social media platforms.

Abhijeet fans are furious over Star Maa for deducting their demi-god prize money and they are posting nasty comments on Mehboob and Sohel’s social media. In the latest interview, Abhijeet said that “ When leading channel shown a viral video to him. Abhijeet was stun to see it. Later, he responds that We cannot do anything because it has to be taken care by Star Maa. It’s Sohel’s decision whether to take money or not and we don’t have the right to comment on other personal life. He might have taken the cash as it could be useful to him. Abhijeet fans are going gaga over his maturity levels on social media. 

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