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#Abika Trends Again after Abhijeet Letter To Harika To Spend Time With Him Goes Viral

by Bellamkonda

The season four of Bigg Boss is nearing its finale and the contestants are gearing up for their bid to make it to the top five finalists of the season. However, ahead of the finale, Dethadi Harika is facing the wrath from the housemates for his behavior towards Akhil.

Earlier, Harika used to be a friend of Abhijeet but she os maintaining distancing from her even since Akkineni Nagarjuna suggested Harika to play her own individual game. Since then, Harika is being with Monal and Akhil. Recently, Akhil and Harika hugging video goes viral on social media. Abhijeet was seen all alone in the house. It wouldn’t be wrong, if we said, Abhijeet could be missing talking with Harika.

Abhijeet wrote a letter to her, please spend time with me. Harika who read the letter and came to hug him. Abhijeet fans are going gaga over their patch up. Abhijeet fans seem to be happy as they both are sorting their difference with each other. Abhijeet was never jealous on Harika being close to Akhil but all he did was requested her to talk with him as he can’t share all feeling to everyone. Abhijeet considers her as his dearest friend. Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode.

Netizens again started trending #Abika on social media.

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