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Watch: Abhijeet Harika Emotional Hug Video After Nominating Each other Goes Viral

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Abhijeet- Harika are undoubtedly the super cute pair of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, they have stolen the hearts of several people with their adorable friendship. But  Nagarjuna personally targeted Harika by taking her to the confession room  and brainwashed her by showing her all the video clips how she had favored Abhijeet during her captaincy.

Nagarjuna was also seen telling Harika that who had become captain because of Monal and for Abhijeet. So after that Harika had admitted her mistake of not advising Abhijeet to perform the task assigned by Bigg Boss. After stepping out from the confession room there is a clear change in Harika behaviour towards Abhijeet, but on the other hand Abhijeet is unable to understand what might have led to the change in Harika’s behaviour.

In yesterday’s Nominations, Harika straight away nominated Abhijeet by giving a reason that he didn’t perform the task, and advised him that he might take the task as a task and not to go personal with it. Abhijeet was left in a shock. But Harika might have nominated him to showcase that she doesn’t have any favoritism for Abhijeet.

Even Abhijeet nominated Harika and said that “If you cannot understand me, nobody else will understand me”. After Nomination Harika was seen asking Abhijeet “Can you Hug Me,” Immediately Abhijeet hugs Harika and they both have sorted their differences after nominations. Now this video has gone viral on social media.  

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