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Abhijeet Gets Benefited With Ariyana Sohel Fight, Find Out How

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: There’s no denying the fact that Bigg Boss Telugu is one of the popular reality show in the twin states of Telugu. It clearly shows fans are eagerly waiting for the grand finale day to know who will win the title. Abhijeet gained much popularity on social media after two or more weeks but fans are calling him the winner of the seasons since day 1.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that show is already running with Abhijeet being the center of attraction and he deserved to win the trophy of the season. Last night, Ariyana and Sohel had a verbal spat each other, none of the housemates came to console her. Only Abhijeet came to Ariyana and suggested her to play her own game, he gave a reason for his fans to celebrate the day. Ariyana was cornered by all the housemates but Abhijeet is balancing with everyone without holding any grudges. So this way he is getting a positive image in public and getting more votes even with out requesting for votes from confession room unlike other contestants.

We are hearing several theories that Abhijeet can’t become a winner as he is not performing tasks. Then, this news is for you. If you observer the show, you will get the clear picture that Abhijeet is putting effort in every task, he may not be trying to win the tasks but he is giving his best. He is doing up to tasks not behaving like an aggressive person in the house that’s game strategy of winner. Bigg Boss is all about fighting between the contestants in the house. One thing all the contestants should remember that they should try to win the hearts of the audience with their pure heart and Abhijeet is doing it. Abhijeet deserved to win the trophy of Bigg Boss season 4.

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