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Watch: Abhijeet Cheats Harika For Bigg Boss Grand Hotel Task

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The Bigg Boss Telugu 4 episode aired on Wednesday witnessed so many twists and turns. Harika breaks becomes emotional and cries after Abhijeet cheats her in “Bigg Boss Grand Hotel Task”.

Mukku Avinash continues to ruin the efforts of contestants to impress the Bigg Boss guests as a part of “Bigg boss Grand Hotel Task”.

Mukku Avinash is following the Bigg Boss instructions and spoiling his team mates efforts as per the secret task given to him in the confession room. Meanwhile Mehaboob loses his cool and shouts at housemates and uses some offensive language against Bigg Boss hotel staff.

Following this Sohail, Harika of Mehaboob’s team were shocked with Mehboob’s comments against BB hotel staff. Harika decided to give one star to hotel staff headed by Abhijeet. Meanwhile Abhijeet had already secretly taken the five stars of Bigg boss guests Team (Ariyana, Sohail, Mehaboob, Gangavva and Harika).

Abhijjet gives the five stars to Harika, she later gives back the five stars to Abhijeet. But with his trick Abhijeet cleverly pointed out that Harika had given all the stars from her hand to him and he had not all forced her for coins. Harika was upset with Abhijeet as she had given only one star out of her wish.

She went to camera in Bigg Boss house and said that she had only one star with her wish and she doesn’t have any connection with the rest 4 stars.

The same topic led to heated arguments between Abhijeet and Bigg boss guest team members tomorrow watch the promo here: 

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