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Karate Kalyani Calls Gangavva As Drama Queen | Gangavva Fans Troll Kalyani

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD : The actress Karate Kalyani who had stepped out of the Bigg Boss house in the second week eliminations had made some controversial comments on Bigg Boss Telugu Show voting process and on few contestants including Gangavva. She refused to accept that she was eliminated from the show for getting the least votes.

Kalyani gave an interview with Rahul Sipligunj the title winner of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3, in which Kalyani spoke about all the contestants. She said that Gangavva had very well understood the game didn’t open up in the house and is playing a safe game, and acting like a drama queen. However Kalyani had accepted the fact that Gangavva has a strong fan base and she will be in the final list of Bigg Boss Telugu Season contestants.

However, netizens are angry over the comments made by Karate Kalyani on the innocent Gangavva. Most of the people started trolling Kalyani for making controversial comments on Gangavva, and criticizing her for slandering everyone in the Bigg Boss house.

She says that everyone in the house is wearing a mask to their heart and playing a safe game in the Bigg Boss House.  Kalyani commented that she could not stay for a long time in the Bigg Boss house as she could not act and she was true to heart.

She also made allegations that most of the people who tried to vote her were redirected to vote for other contestants and she claimed that she had the proofs over the same.

In the second week Kalyani was one among the nominees Gangavva, Noel, Monal Gajjar, Sohail, Amma Rajasekhar, Kumar Sai, Dettadi Harika, Abhijit  for  elimination process. But Karate Kalyani was finally eliminated, as she had secured the least votes among all other nominated contestants.  

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