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Watch: Maanas Lahari Mid Night Romance in Bigg Boss House, Hurts Sree Rama Chandra

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is known for its controversies and love tracks, and now Bigg Boss seems to be desperate in finding a love track between any of the two contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house. They have started showcasing the forceful and fake emotions between Uma Devi and Lobo. Hamida also seems to be in desperate need of a love track with any of the male housemates. She started roaming around Shnamukh and even hinted at him to be her boyfriend at least in the bigg boss house but it didn’t work out.

Now Bigg Boss makers have released a video in which Lahari and Manaas were seen hugging each other and Sree Rama Chandra who is also interested in Lahari has seen their closeness during nighttime in the kitchen area and left from there. Sree Rama Chandra Seems to have been upset with Maanas and Lahari’s closeness.

Maanas is seen carrying out cleaning activities in the kitchen area, Lahari comes there and helps him. Sree Rama Chandra who notices them comes there and Maanas hugs Lahari. Seeing which Sree Rama Chandra leaves from there. After that Lahari and Maanas were also seen spending some quality time near the sleeping area by hugging each other. Now we have to wait and watch if love blossoms between them or if it is just a friendship between them. What do you think about this new love track between Maanas and Lahari, let us know in the comments section.

A section of netizens started trolling Sree Rama Chandra for liking Lahari.

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