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Swetha Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu 5 : Reasons Behind Swetha’s Elimination

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is now all set to witness the sixth week elimination this weekend. Following a series of elimination from the first week the contestants who left the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house for the last few weeks are Sarayu, Uma Devi, Lahari, Natraj Master and Hamida. Now it’s time for one more contestant to leave the house. All the viewers are eagerly waiting to see who is going to pack their bag to leave the house.

As per the reports Lobo, Swetha and Vishwa were in the danger zone for elimination, as they have secured very less votes when compared to the rest of contestants in nominations this week. Vishwa will be saved for two weeks as he is the current captain of the house, and Bigg Boss won’t send a captain through elimination.

Coming to Lobo and Swetha, Lobo is better in terms of his performance and entertaining the audiences, so Swetha is at high risk for elimination. Buzz is that Swetha has already been eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu in Today’s Bigg Boss shoot and teh episode will be telecasted tomorrow.

Reasons Behind Swetha Elimination From Bigg Boss Telugu 5:

  • Looking at the eliminated contestants list for the first five weeks, Bigg Boss is eliminating all the hyper active and troublesome contestants from the house who are troubling other contestants.
  • Swetha started arguing with other contestants for silly reasons despite her mistake, which had an impact on her vote bank, and she landed in the danger zone.
  • Swetha doesn’t have any strong fan base or craze, and her graph didn’t grow even after 6 weeks.

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