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Siri Hanmanth About Her Painful Love Story, Death Of Her Boyfriend

by Bellamkonda

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 show is turning more interesting with each passing day. In Today’s episode, Bigg Boss has announced Ravi as the first captaincy contender and housemates have selected 3 more persons for captaincy. Finally, Jessie became the new captain of the Bigg Boss house. After that, Bigg Boss gave a task “Tholi Prema” to housemates in which Bigg Boss instructed housemates to reveal their first love story and painful moment in their life.

Everyone spoke about their first love and break-up story. Coming to Siri Hanmanth, she said that she fell in love with Vishnu at her schooling age when she was in 10th, and her boyfriend proposed to her. Later they were in love and they had some personal differences.

Siri Hanmanth Love Story - Bigg Boss telugu 5

Siri said that she had accepted a marriage proposal, and later she again reunited with her boyfriend. Siri said that she had been in a relationship with her boyfriend after that, but one day she woke up at 3 AM , and went back to sleep. Winding up her love story, Siri said that she received a message that her boyfriend was dead after he met with an accident at 3 AM on the same day. Siri becomes very emotional revealing her painful love story.

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