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Shanmukh Parents Reveals Details About Shanmukh and Deepthi Sunaina Wedding

by Fathima

Let us today speak of some controversial statements of a popular Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant’s family. Due to the hype with which it’s trending on social media, I think you guys have guessed it right. Yes, I’m referring here to Bigg Boss Contestant Shanmukh’s parents’ interview.

The moment Shanmukh confessed his love for deepthi sunaina on national television, his parents were shocked to hear the truth. The audience also knew both of them were tattooed with their initials as tattoos. Shanmukh is really playing well and winning hearts both inside and outside the bb house. Recently, he has become the captain of the house and has been seen handling things with maturity and patience.

The controversy began with the interview of Shanmukh’s parents. In response to a question about their son’s relationship with rumoured girlfriend deepthi sunaina, the parents’ response was shocking. The parents believe that if their son and deepthi love each other and are happy together, then why should we have a problem with it? We are am happy for them.

Well, they said watching him take on the responsibility as the house captain and handle it very well has made us proud of him and will also help him in his marriage. We as audiences are probably taken aback by all of these contradictory statements.

The audience is also aware of the fact that both of them are not following each other on Instagram or any other social media handles and have decided to do so once they are married.

Well all these controversies become a part of every actor’s life and we as audience are so excited to know about the personal details. I guess this is what keeps them alive in our busy lives. Let’s wait and see where this relationship status goes once Shanmukh is out of the house!

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