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Jaswanth In Danger Zone For Elimination Due To Shanmukh Jaswanth

by Bellamkonda

 HYDERBAD: After the elimination of Lobo , currently there are only 11 housemates left for the grand finale race of the Bigg Boss Telugu 5. During the 8 weeks journey there were interesting changes that took place between the friendship of several housemates, some became friends, while a few others formed gangs with mutual interests. Currently there are three active groups in the Bigg Boss house: Sunny group with Maanas and Kajal, Shanmukh group with Jessy and Siri, and the rest of housemates as one group. Sometimes friends become the reason for elimination from the Bigg Boss show, this is exactly what is happening with Jessy this week.

Jessy had helped Shanmukh to become the captain of the house, by favoring him during the Sanchalak task. This landed Jessy in the danger zone, yes Sunny, Maanas and a few other housemates moved away from Jessy with this reason. They have even nominated Jessy for elimination this week with the same reason. So helping Shanmukh to become captain is clearly a wrong move by Jessy which has landed him in trouble for now. It’s not over yet, there are high chances for Jessy to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 5 this week, as he is the contestant with least fame when compared with others in nominations. 

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