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Swetha Harms Hamida, Lobo During Nominations, Netizens Demands her Elimination

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Which has started on a grand note with 19 contestants from September 5 is now moving forward with 18 contestants after the elimination of Bold beauty Sarayu on the first weekend. Now Bigg Boss Telugu 5, has now entered into the second-week nomination process from Today. During the Nomination process held in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house today, several heated arguments took place between almost all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house Lobo- Uma Devi, Lobo- Maanas, Siri- Shwetha, and others. Finally, seven contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 were selected for the elimination process.

As per the Bigg Boss, announcement seven contestants are in the danger zone for the elimination process in the Bigg Boss Telugu show for the second-week elimination.  Bigg Boss has designed the nomination task in such a way to reveal the true colors of the contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Week 2 Nominations, and all the 18 housemates were individually asked to pick up the any of two contestants they want to eliminate from the house and to nominate them for this week elimination.

During the elimination process Swetha loses her calm and gets into argument with Hamida and Lobo, she yelled at them and behaved very towards both of them. A section of netizens who have watched her behavior slamming her and demands her elimination from the house.

List Of Contestants Nominated For Week 2 Elimination In Bigg Boss Telugu 5 By Housemates :

  • Siri Nominates Nataraj Master and Uma Devi
  • Anee Mater Nominat
  • Swetha Nominates Hamida and Lobo
  • Uma Devi Nominates Anee Master and Vishwa
  • Lobo Nominates Swetha and Ravi
  • Shanmukh Nominates Uma Devi and Jessie
  • Kajal Nominates Anee Master and Vishwa
  • Priya Nominates VJ Sunny and Natraj Master
  • Jessie Nominates Sree Rama Chandra and Lobo
  • Sree Rama CHandra Nominates Natraj Master and Kajal
  • Ravi Nominates Priyanka and Sree Rama CHandra
  • Natraj Master Nominates Priya and Priyanka

Final List Of Nominated Contestants For Week 2 Elimination In Bigg Boss Telugu 5 :

  • RJ Kajal
  • Natraj Master
  • Lobo
  • Anee Master
  • Priyanka
  • Priya
  • Uma

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