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Watch: Abhijeet Exposes Akhil and Bigg Boss Master Plan, Netizens Praises Abhijeet

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Abhijeet who is one of the strongest contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 clearly exposed the master plan behind Bigg Boss sending Akhil into secret room in yesterday’s episode. In the Bigg Boss show Abhijeet was seen talking to Lasya where he raised a point that Akhil fight with Mehaboob for captaincy task for gaining immunity and how can he simply give up and get ready for elimination just with a simple reason that he is the strongest contestant of Bigg Boss.

Abhijeet said that Sohail, Mehaboob didn’t send Akhil as he is the strongest contestant but there is other angle behind this. He also pointed out that Sohail, Akhil and Mehaboob are good friends and if it is true elimination they might not accept for the elimination of Akhil and would surely raise their voice.  With this clear understanding strategy Abhijeet suspect that Akhil might not get eliminated and he may re enter the Bigg Boss soon, so netizens started hailing Abhijeet for his clear understanding of Bigg Boss tricks.

Netizens started trolling  Monal, Akhil and Mehboob for playing unnecessary drama with fake emotions over Akhil’s fake elimination eventhough they were fully aware about the Akhil’s entry into secret room. 

Check out Strong Contestants Selected By All Housemates For Elimination:

Sohail- Mehaboob
Ariyana – Akhil
Mehaboob- Ariyana
Lasya – No One
Akhil -Akhil
Monal- Akhil
Dethadi Harika- No One
Mukku Avinash – Ariyana
Abhijeet – Abhijeet

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