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What Is Beyond Death And Before Birth? Breaking down the Mystery!

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Every being who is born on the earth has to die. According to the Vedas and Upanishads, it’s believed that incarnation of a living being exists.

Moreover, based on the good and bad deeds one will take the form as a dog, as a human, as a cat, and many more. So, can we really believe that Atman, existence of the purer self? Or is it superstitious belief that has created by the people? If it’s true, then is there someone who experienced or seen it?

The natural tendency of any being is to survive. Human being, especially created with knowledge and divinity inside. There’s a strong metaphor behind the evolution of human beings. God, the only one, has no shape. It’s only a divine light that glows always in the universe which equals the power of a thousand splendid Suns and is proved by the Vedas. Through one divine power has emerged the Universe, Earth, and Nature, followed by living beings and then Human. Every being holds the divinity inside but it’s only human who can realize through going deeper state as thy has the knowledge and wisdom to find the truth.

True Realization – Supreme Power & the Unrealized Self

When the supreme power that governs whole Universe is been realized, there will be no more deeds, no more sticking to the world of untruth, no more establishing relationships with the people around. The nature of a person who attains such a state will be calm, pleasant, and lost in the world of tranquillity. That’s believed ultimate happiness and unconditional love. That’s said is the fulfilled state of mankind.

Do Atman Exist?

Atman, yes it exists! If we can’t see, doesn’t mean it’s absent. It’s only can be realized. Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, and many more spiritual leaders of the country have realized the truer, purer, and ultimate state of oneself.

That’s where one dissolves in the power of divinity and escapes from the cold claws of birth and death. Deeds lead to birth and death whereas detachment from the deeds and being lost in the self by questioning, “Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I supposed to do?” will lead to Supremacy.

Reincarnation exists and Atman is nothing but a conscious power that is untouched by the elements of nature and can’t be seen through a naked eye. It’s realized with human wisdom and practices those helpful in realizing oneself are prayer, meditation, Dhyana, etc. Every ritual in every religion paves the way to realize the ultimate divinity that’s hidden within just like the different rivers submerge into the ocean. This is the truth and to be fulfilled state of mankind.

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