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Mistakes You Should Never Do While Worshiping God Or Performing Pooja

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Everyone performs puja to the goddess or god with a hope to fulfill their desires, to get success and happiness. While performing Pooja (puja) to any any god we follow many customs or rituals, and to make our prayers to god more effective one should not commit some mistakes and must follow few customs to please the god and gain wealth, prosperity and peace.

In some cases failing to follow such customs may result in a lesser effective prayer. Even though one can get their wishes fulfilled by praying to god with all your heart but by following all the rituals and customs while worshiping the god will amply the results of pooja.

Let us have a look at the things you should Never Do while perfoming puja

  • Do not clap while singing Lakshmi aarti and one should never shout or sing loudly during the puja since Lakshmi hates loud noise and will get offended with such activities.
  • Do not sweep the puja area or the house immediately after the puja as this act can cancel the merits and benefits received from .
  • Never offer melted ghee or liquid sandalwood to any deity.
  • Don Not use Incense stick while performing any pooja as they were made using the bamboo plant., which is generally considered as inauspicious for any pooja.
  • One should never light one lamp using the other as it is believed to It attracts poverty and ill health
  • You should never wear torn or uncleaned clothes while performing a pooja, and there is a wide belief that wearing torn clothes during pooja whill bring brings as the Gods would be disappointed.
  • Meanwhile wearing new clothes is highly auspicious during all festival Poojas.
  • You should never Offer Tulsi leaves to Lord Ganesha and Lord Bhairav as well for worshiping. As there is a belief that Lord Ganesha had cursed Goddess Tulsi that she would never be invited to his Pooja.
  • You should Never pluck Tulsi leaves without taking a bath, as it disappoints Goddess Tulasi and even leaves plucked before taking bath are not preferred for worshiping any god.
  • You should Never Offer a Ketaki flower to Lord Shiva.
  • You Should never pluck the leaves of Tulsi and Durva plants on Sunday as per the Shatras as it is believed to disappoint the deities.
  • Gangajal should not be kept in aluminum plastic, or iron vessels, it should be stored in copper vessels.
  • You should never face your back towards the Gods and Goddesses idols.
  • You should not water Peepal tree on Wednesday and Sunday.
  • Never Offer flowers to god by placing them in your hand , you should should place flowers on a copper plate and then offer them to deity.
  • One should not store Chandan /sandalwood in any copper utensils.

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