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Dasara 2021 Pooja Timings : Dussehra 2021 Pooja Timings and Rituals

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Dussehra or Dasara is also called as Vijayadashami is a most celebrated Hindu festival. Dasara marks the victory of good over evil i.e Lord Rama over Demon Ravana and some people even say that ;Dussehra is being celebrated to mark the victory of Goddess Durga over the Demon Mahishasura.

  • Dasara is Celebrated 9 days which are popularly known as Navaratri’s.
  • Navratri is celebrated during the  month of Ashvin, which usually falls in the months of September and October.
  • Dasara is a 9 day festival in which Goddess Durga is seen in popular 9 avatars as Lakshmi, Sarswati, Lalitha Devi and so on.
  • In 2021 Dasara Navaratri festival will be held from October 7-15, 2021.

Dasara 2021 Pooja Timings :

Dussehra Pooja Timings 2021 / Dasara Pooja timings 2021 begins from 06:52 PM on Oct 14, 2021
Dasara Pooja timings ends at 06:02 PM on Oct 15, 2021
The Dasara Shravana Nakshatra pooja timings are 09:36 AM on Oct 14, 2021
and Shravana Nakshatra ends at 09:16 AM on Oct 15, 2021

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