Sid Sriram Hike Remuneration For Songs, Check Out His Remuneration

HYDERABAD: Sid Sriram is one of the most versatile singers and music directors in India. He is well known to Telugu audiences for delivering super hit songs like Maguva Maguva, Undiporaadhey, Oke Oka Lokam Nuvvu, Emai Poyave and many more to several movies. Song and background music plays much importance in projecting a movie as a blockbuster at the box office of any film industry. Sid Sriram has a magic in his voice and he gives a complete fresh feel to all his songs and earned a huge fan base in Telugu audience.

There are also people who watch movies after listening to Sid Sriram songs in the movie. So the latest news circulating on the social media platforms is How much is Sid Sriram Charging for a single song. Buzz is that he has charged a whopping amount of Rs 4 lakhs earlier for a single song, and now he is charging Rs 4.5 lakh plus GST amount for a single song which is generally the highest amount to be paid for a singer. 

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